Star Tribune explores Green Roofs

Star Tribune explores
Green Roofs

Hamline University’s new green roof is profiled by Janet Moore in the StarTribune. It’s a good overview of green roofs, their popularity, and showcases the LiveRoof system installed on Hamline’s new student center roof by Bachman’s.

Hamline University Green Roof Photo

Photo: Elizabeth Flores, Star Tribune



From the article…

“People love them. They’re captivated and fascinated by them,” said Craig Wilson, CEO of Sustology, a Minneapolis environmental consulting firm that designs and installs green roofs. “The technology is proven, although I’d say the industry is still in its toddler stage in the United States.” His firm was involved in the mother of all green roofs in Minnesota, a 2.5-acre verdant swath atop Target Center.

Ms. Moore also gives us a shout-out at the end of her article, having obviously read our very informative Green Roof FAQ!

Read the entire article at the StarTribune website.

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