Target Center

Arena 113,000 ft2

At 113,000 sf, the Target Center Arena green roof, the fifth largest extensive green roof and the first green roof installed on an arena in North America (as of August, 2009), mitigates the urban heat island effect, greens views from above, provides wildlife habitat and improves urban air quality on a scale that is not feasible at grade in an urban area like downtown Minneapolis, and will last twice as long as a conventional roof.

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  • At 2.5 acres (113,000 square feet) the Target Center was the fifth largest extensive green roof in the United States at the time of design, and is still the largest green roof in Minnesota.
  • The Target Center is the first arena in North America to have a green roof.
  • The growing media is 2.75″ deep at the center of the roof and 3.5″ deep along the perimeter, where the roof structure has more capacity. The increased depth allows the roof to retain more water and improves the vitality of the plants.
  • Sedums and native plants were pregrown in mats on the ground and rolled out onto the roof. Additional plantings enhanced plant diversity and ecological diversity.
  • A drip irrigation system consisting of eleven miles of tubing protects the plants during prolonged droughts.
  • An Electro Field Vector Mapping (EFVM) system can accurately locate a leak, should one occur.
  • The green roof will retain up to 0.9 inches of rainfall without runoff, preventing 1,000,000 gallons of untreated stormwater from reach- ing the Mississippi River annually.
  • The green roof reduces the temperature of the roof by as much as 80°F, keeping the building cooler during the summer and helping to mitigate the urban heat island effect.
  • 98% of the materials of the old roof were recycled. The new waterproofing membrane is expected to last 40 years, and the contractor has set a goal to recycle 100% of the roofing materials at replacement.
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