Edgewater Condominiums

Condo 3,840 ft2

The Edgewater Condominiums are located near Lake Calhoun in Minneapolis. Approximately 3,840 square feet of green roof is divided between the first and the sixth floors of the building for private penthouse tenant use.

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  • The green roof provides stormwater and cooling benefits while simultaneously creating a living landscape for penthouses overlooking Lake Calhoun.
  • The main 3,800 square foot green roof has diverted about 70,000 gallons of water from the storm sewer every year since it was planted in 2006.
  • A smaller, 200 square foot green roof at street level, planted with turf, conceals underground parking.
  • The plant palette consists of about 75% sedums and 25% native short bluff prairie grasses and forbs, including blue grama, little blue- stem, rough blazing star, and prairie smoke.
  • The planting pattern was inspired by the adjacent lake, with three white flowering sedums representing water and ten native and nine species representing land.
  • The sedums, grasses and forbs are all well adapted to rooftop conditions: 3″ to 5″ of growing media and full sun and wind exposure.
  • During periods of little rain, moisture sensors trigger a subsurface drip irrigation system. Irrigation is minimal, which assists the de- sired drought-tolerant species in outperforming water-hungry weeds.
  • Trellises with climbing vines provide privacy between the penthouse terraces.
  • Metal edging divides planted areas from areas with conventional gravel ballast. Ballast is used around parapets, mechanical equip- ment, and other penetrations to protect the plants and simplify maintenance.
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