The Minnesota State Fair is coming up quick!

The Minnesota State Fair is coming up quick!


Thousands of Minnesota State Fair visitors have visited our Eco Experience exhibit over the last few years, and here’s your chance to help make it all possible again.  We’re looking for volunteers to help us staff our green roof exhibit: it’s a fun way to spread your enthusiasm for sustainable building with interested (and interesting) folks from all over the state.  You don’t need to be a green roof expert – we’ll provide you with a simple guide with the most common questions.  We’ll even pay for you to get into the fair, so you can spend the rest of your day looking for the best corndog.

We staff the exhibit in three shifts (9am – 1pm, 1pm – 5pm, and 5pm – 9pm) for the duration of the fair, August 25th through September 5th.  We need to have at least one person at the exhibit for every shift, but if you’d like to volunteer with a friend or family member, we can certainly pair you up.  And if you’re available Labor Day weekend, we’d be doubly grateful, since those are the busiest days of the fair.  Send us an email and let us know what works for you.

Thank you for your support!  This is a big event for our little group, and we truly couldn’t do it without you.  And even if you can’t staff a shift (or two), please stop by and say hello!  We’d love to see you.

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  1. Thanks for the free packets of seeds! Unfortunately, I couldn’t copy down the names of what’s included. Where’s the species list? The packet said it would be on the MGRC website.

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