There’s slightly more to it than just “Green side up.”

1950's house

Since 2007, Chris Wegscheid and Corrie Zoll have given dozens of presentations on do-it-yourself green roofs through the MGRC’s RoofBloom program.  If you’re interested in finding out more about small green roofs and the kinds of resources that are available to help you put one together, come on out to the Eco Experience at the Minnesota State Fair on Sunday, September 5th at 2:30.  Chris will walk you through the benefits of green roofs, show photos of a few local RoofBloom roofs, and give you some real-world implementation information.  He may also sing “Easy” by the Commodores.  Once he gets a microphone in his hand, there’s really no way of knowing.


  1. I wasn’t able to get to the presentation and would like to know where various materials are found. Please contact me.

    • Hi Terry, thanks for the comment. I sent you an email; let me know if you need anything else.

  2. Jacob

    I would also love info. Can I please be contacted?

  3. N. Rossi

    Is this group still active? We are interested in doing a green roof over a play house (4×6 feet) and I am having a terrible time getting concrete information and how do go about it. Can you help?

  4. Rob Wellens

    I have a small rooftop over a stairway that I would like to try growing on. It has a corrugated aluminum surface. The angle is steeper than the one on the trailer at the fair. What is the maximum (steepest) angle you can have? Is there and appropriate substrate for a steeper roof? Thanks.

  5. Do you do presentaions nationally, or only in Minnesota? I have a roofing company in Tacoma, Washington, and we are getting more and more requests for green roof options. (Or should I look for a more commercial roofing orented class?)


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