Green Roofs and Pronto Pups

The green roof trailer.The Minnesota Green Roofs Council is happy to be part of the Eco Experience at the Minnesota State Fair again this year, so take a break from the hubbub and come say hello! We’ve got a couple of small demonstration roofs, photos of dozens of green roofs across the state, and lots of good information to share. This is one of our favorite events of the year, and we’re excited for the chance to talk about green roofs with all the good folks at the fair.

The Eco Experience is in the northeast corner of the fairgrounds, across Randall Avenue from the Fine Arts Building. The Eco Experience is all new and better than ever; the whole building is full of interesting ideas and sustainable technologies. Even if you’ve visited us in previous years, be sure to come in and take a look.


  1. chris_w

    Many thanks to Kerry Gladder and all the other good folks at Plaisted Companies in Elk River for supporting our exhibit yet again this year! Plaisted supplies growing media for green roofs, and they’ve always been eager to help us get the word out. Thanks!

  2. Never seen an actual green roof before on a house but I think it sounds like a great idea and it also looks pretty cool too! What types of roofs could be retrofitted to a green roof? Metal roofing?

  3. This may work new meaning to Home and Garden you can do both. Garden on top of the home.. and its green I like it

  4. Plaisted has a growing medium for green roofs, and they were always willing to help us spread the word. Thank you!

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